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let’s all stop and imagine kurt singing this to blaine at their wedding reception a few years down the road after blaine made it to new york with kurt after a year of being apart of only skype dates and holiday visits and endless texts and calls and kurt has made it big in fashion and blaine is graduating from college soon and starting his career and there were rough patches here and there a too small apartment when blaine arrived there and a tub that didn’t drain fast enough and neighbors from hell and rejection and bad grades and stress but none of it touched them none of it was ever enough to break either of them down because through it all they had each other and no one ever thought they would make it because what high school sweethearts from ohio actually manage to stay together and make something of themselves in new york city no one except for kurt and blaine and there on their wedding day there was no way better to express his love for blaine than with this song and they both get a little teary (or a lot teary but neither will admit it) but then they both lose it in front of everyone when the piano player starts their first dance off with teenage dream and the rest of the night goes along in a blur of happiness and love and whispers of “you’re still the one i want for life” and everything is perfect

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