Why do I even get on the internet?



Best friend: Harry Potter
Hagrid. NICE.
Sirius Black. NO.
Twin wand with:
Ron Weasley.
First kiss:
Fred Weasley. WINNING.
Killed by: Luna Lovegood. Couuuld be worse.

Best friend: Ron Weasley
Lover: Sirius Black
Enemy: Draco Malfoy
Twin Wand With: Neville Longbottom
First Kiss: Ginny Weasley
Killed by: Lord Voldemort
I’m cool with all of this. 

Best Friend: Hagrid

Lover: Draco Malfoy (UNF)

Enemy: Ron Weasley 

Twin Wand with: Bellatrix Lestrange 

First Kiss: Luna Lovegood (UNF AGAIN)

Killed by: Harry Potter (rude.)

Best friend :Ginny Weasley

Love: George Weasley

Enemy: Voldemort

Twin want with: Fred Weasley

First kiss: George Weasley

Killed by: Bellatrix Lestrange 

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    Hagrid Voldemort Hermonie Hagrid Hagrid Voldemort I’m not even upset! :D
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    Lmfao why did I get hagrid for the first 4, snape for the kiss and freakin killed.
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    first kiss: SEVERUS SNAPE. the fuck? no
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    Voldemort will be my best friend… Friends often look alike… I have to keep an eye on my nose.
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    lover was Bellatrix
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